Christina Milian

Christina Milian is the self-titled debut studio album by American singer Christina Milian released by Def Soul on October 9, 2001.[1] Its domestic release was postponed because of the September 11 attacks, which occurred just two weeks before its release date. Her label opted to release it later that year, but due to changing music trends, Milian decided not to release her previous album domestically.[2]

Milian made her first professional musical appearance on Ja Rule’s single “Between Me and You”, which led to a record deal with Def Soul and The Inc. Records in 2000. Milian traveled to Sweden where she collaborated with several producers, most notably Bloodshy & Avant, who helmed five tracks. Milian co-wrote eleven of the twelve songs on the album, taking inspiration from personal experiences. The album’s musical style is mostly dance and R&B, and critics noted similarities to her contemporaries Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Milian was displeased by Def Soul’s portrayal of her image, which she felt was constantly changing and confusing the audience.

The critical response to Christina Milian was mixed; critics who gave a positive review enjoyed the catchy tracks and lead single “AM to PM”, while others found that it needed original ideas. The album peaked at number 23 in the UK, selling a total of 101,986 copies, and achieved Silver certification. Internationally, the album also charted in the Netherlands, Sweden and France. The album spawned two singles, “AM to PM” and When You Look at Me”, which charted worldwide.