Daddy DJ

“Daddy DJ” is an electronica song recorded by French dance act of the same name. It was their debut single from their first album Let Your Body Talk and was first released in France in 1999 and then in many European countries in June, 2000. The music video was produced as an animated feature.

The song was a huge success on many charts, becoming the top ten in France, Finland, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands, even topping the singles charts in Sweden, Norway and Belgium (Wallonia). In France, “Daddy DJ” is the 94th best-selling single of all time, with about 1 million copies sold.[1]


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Cover versions

The melody of this song has become very popular, and has been sampled many times. Here are some examples:

In 2006, this song’s melody was sampled by Australian DJ S3RL on the song “Pretty Rave Girl”.

In 2008, the song was sampled by Basshunter on the song “All I Ever Wanted”; two years earlier, it was sampled by the same artist on his song “Vi sitter i Ventrilo och spelar DotA” (also known as simply “DotA”, especially in Scandinavia).