Faramarz Aslani

He was born on July 13th, 1954 in Tehran, Iran and studied in London, England where he attained his bachelor’s degree from London University’s College of Journalism.[1] After his graduation he moved back to Tehran and worked for several publications, including Tehran Journal. About the same time, he was discovered by a CBS records executive, who signed him up to produce his first album, “Del Mashghooli’ha”, (Occupation of The Heart). That album has remained on many world-wide best sellers charts since its debut. After the National Revolution of Iran in 1979, he moved back to England with his family. He currently lives in United States and has two daughters, Phaedra and Roxana.

Faramarz Aslani is a legendary singer, songwriter and producer. He is admittedly a rare phenomenon in the Iranian modern music and a pioneer of the style of music that he has made popular. It is believed, that he is the only famous Iranian Artist, that writes his own lyrics & music, and performs them accompanied by his stylish guitar.