Mahsa & Marjan Vahdat

Mahsa Vahdat (in Persian مهسا وحدت) is an Iranian artist and singer and strong advocate of Freedom of expression , born in 29 of October in 1973 in Tehran, Iran. Her musical expression is contemporary expression   inspired by Old  traditional and  folk and regional  music of Iran that she developed for many years  and it is the result of work with many musicians from Iran and also non Iranian musicians  .she writes most of her songs . In her music she also  developed  dialogue idea  between  other culture in a high artistic quality and she is following this path  and she got huge response in  international and also inside of  Iran . The text of her work is Contemporary texts of different Iranian poets and Classic poetry of Persian poets like Hafez ,Rumi,Hallaj and Tahereh Ghoratolein . She has released materials with her sister Marjan Vahdat (in Persian مرجان وحدت).[1] as in albums Songs from a Persian Garden, I Am Eve and Twinklings of Hope.